Floor Graphics

Custom Floor Stickers and Decals Printing in Central Florida

Floor graphics and vinyl decals are suitable for advertising discounts, promotional sales, products and service offerings in supermarkets, toy stores, restaurants, theaters, parking lots, Hospitals, Book Exhibitions, or other high-traffic areas where point-of-purchase displays are optimal. It can also be used to help guide customers in high-traffic areas eg social distancing stickers, please wait here stickers, keep the distance stickers,  like shopping malls, hospitals, train stations, and much more.

Vinyl Floor Sticker Installation in Central Florida

Custom vinyl floor Stickers are easily installed on any flat surface like tiles, wooden and concrete floors. The floor decals can be applied to any indoor and outdoor surface. Please ensure that the floor surface has been cleaned before installing the floor sticker.

Floor Graphics Frequently Asked Questions

Will the print on the decal fade?
The Vinyl floor sticker has a lamination which protects the graphics from ink fading. Moreover, the graphics are printed using high grade color UV inks that are durable and fade-resistant.

Can custom floor decals be cut to my preferred shape and size?
Yes!, We can cut your vinyl floor sticker to your desired shape and size. Our cutting plotters offer Square, round and contour cutting with perfect finish.