Full Vehicle Wrap

Customized Full Car Wrapping Service for All Businesses

Want your business to catch eyes wherever it goes? You’ve found the right place! Here at Acme Signs and Prints in Orlando, we’re experts at turning your vehicle into a striking mobile advertisement with our custom car wraps. Perfect for any business vehicle, from company cars to food trucks, we help you make an impact. We’re all about delivering top-notch, eye-catching vehicle wraps that last. With the newest technology and materials, like vibrant, durable vinyl and long-lasting inks, we ensure your vehicle wrap keeps turning heads.

Explore our vehicle wrap services:

Full Wraps: Go all out and wrap your entire vehicle for maximum visibility and protection.
Partial Wraps: A budget-friendly option to highlight specific parts of your vehicle and enhance your brand.
Fleet Wraps: Unify your fleet with a sleek, professional look that builds trust and recognition.
Custom Graphics: From simple logos to detailed designs, we customize it to meet your marketing needs.


Get A Full Car Wrap Design and Installation Tailored to Your Business Needs!

Everything we do is aimed at making you happy, from start to finish. It all begins with a consultation where we pay close attention to what you want. Then, we move on to designing a unique look that represents your brand perfectly. For printing, we only use the best materials and technology to ensure your design looks sharp with vibrant colors. Our skilled team applies your car wrap perfectly onto your vehicle, making sure it stands out.

Don’t let your business fade into the background. Acme Signs and Prints’ car wrapping service will turn every traffic slowdown into an opportunity to impress potential customers. Not only do our wraps make your brand more visible, but they also keep your vehicles in excellent condition.

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