Magnetic Signs

Custom Car Magnets For All Your Company Vehicle Fleet

Acme Signs and Prints’ Vehicle Magnetic Signs are an easy and cost-effective way to advertise your business while you’re out and about. Suitable for all types of vehicles, you can quickly stick them on your car’s doors or rear to make your car a moving advertisement. Whether you’re on a quick trip to the store, parked in a crowded place, or cruising around town, these car magnets grab the attention of potential clients wherever you go. Plus, they’re perfect for short-term deals or events because you can take them off or switch them out anytime without hurting your car’s paint.


Why Choose Our Magnetic Signs for Your Vehicles

  • Built to Last: Made with tough materials that stand up to any weather, ensuring your message stays bright and clear.
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes: No matter your vehicle’s size, from small cars to trucks, we can create magnets that fit perfectly and get noticed.
  • Bright, Noticeable Designs: Our team of expert designers works closely with you to bring your idea to life. Whether you have a ready-to-print design or need assistance creating one from scratch, we ensure your brand message is conveyed effectively.
  • Simple to Use: They’re easy to put on and take off your vehicle without leaving any marks, perfect for changing up your promotions anytime.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our car magnets are as easy to install as they are to maintain. Simply place them on a clean, flat, metallic surface, and you’re ready to go. They can be removed and repositioned as needed without residue, making them perfect for temporary promotions or switching between vehicles. Keeping your magnets looking their best is easy—just a quick wash with mild soap and water, and they’ll continue to make a great impression wherever your business takes you.

Get Started with Your Custom Magnetic Signs in Central Florida

Ready to turn your vehicles into powerful marketing tools with our custom car magnets? Whether you’re a small business looking to make a big impact or a large enterprise seeking an efficient advertising solution, we’re here to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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