Sublimated Metallic Name Tags

Customized Name Tags for a Memorable Introduction

Sublimated metallic name tags are a type of name badge that combines a metallic finish with a sublimation printing process. This process involves transferring a design onto the metal surface using heat, which embeds the ink directly into the material. The result is a durable, high-quality name tag featuring vibrant colors, detailed graphics, and photographic images.

Our sublimated metallic name tags are an excellent choice for those seeking affordable and durable badges. They are perfect for staff identification, showcasing achievements or titles in schools, and adding a personalized touch to birthday parties and special events. At Acme Signs and Prints, we ensure your tags have a professional look and can stand the test of time. 


Why Choose Our Sublimated Metallic Name Badges?

In a world where details matter, Acme Signs and Prints ensures your business stands out. Our sublimated metallic name tags are not just a tool for identification; they’re an extension of your brand. Here’s what makes our name tags a must-have:

  • Fully Customizable: Add your logo and brand colors. Design it your way for a unique look.
  • Super Durable: Resists fading, scratches, and wear. It looks professional, even after heavy use.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for staff, events, and trade shows. Builds a unified team image.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainability in mind. A green choice for your business.

Ready To Stand Out?

Contact Acme Signs and Prints today to design a custom sublimated metallic name badge. Our focus on customization, durability, and eco-friendly practices will make your brand recognized and remembered.