Sublimated Plastic Name Tags

Durable and Affordable Plastic Name Badges for Everyday Use

Acme Signs and Prints is proud to offer Sublimated Plastic Name Tags that are perfect for businesses looking to enhance their professional image. Our sublimated name tags come with long-lasting, vibrant colors and detailed graphics embedded into the plastic, ensuring resistance to fading and durability. The advanced sublimation process enables us to create fully customized name tags that reflect your brand’s identity, from precise logos to specific color schemes.

Our sublimated plastic name badges offer a versatile solution suitable for various purposes ranging from conferences and corporate events to retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. These name tags are an excellent way to improve staff visibility, promote brand recognition, and create a cohesive and professional appearance across all levels of your organization.


Design Flexibility and Customization Options

At Acme Signs and Prints, we recognize that each business has its unique identity, and personalized name tags are essential for enhancing brand recognition. Our Sublimated Plastic Name Tags are highly customizable, and we offer unmatched design flexibility to ensure that your name tags accurately reflect your brand. 

Why choose our sublimated plastic name tags:

  • Wide Range of Colors: Choose from an extensive palette to perfectly match your brand’s colors.
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes: We can tailor the name tags to fit your needs, whether you prefer traditional rectangles or unique shapes.
  • High-Resolution Graphics: Our sublimation process ensures crisp, transparent logos and text on every name tag.
  • Personalization: Add individual names, titles, and roles easily, ensuring each team member is recognized.

Ready to upgrade your professional look? Order our Sublimated Plastic Name Tags today! They’re durable, vibrant, and fully customizable to match your brand. Perfect for any business setting in Orlando, Central Florida